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Imaginative, professional and genuine interest in our projects.

In 2021, a company called Tyylkäs Production was started. The idea was to implement social media content and various marketing materials for various companies and organizations. We produced a lot of material for various actors, such as music colleges, schools, bands, etc.

At the beginning of 2022, we started expanding our operations to textile printing as well. We had already implemented a few projects before this, in which we had printed clothes for our own use, but now we wanted to offer high-quality textile printing to others as well. We found great partners in Finland, who until today have supplied us with high-quality domestic raw materials, thanks to which we have been able to supply our customers with really high-quality and locally produced textiles with prints.

Stylish Production wants to grow and develop continuously. We are currently planning major expansions of our operations, thanks to which Tyylkäs Production's operation would expand into the field of event production.

We are already looking forward to our new projects around textile printing, video and photography as well as event production.






Aarni Artemjeff is an 18-year-old photographer, graphic designer, entrepreneur, video maker and music producer from Helsinki. Aarni has extensive experience in his field and has, for example, planned and created social media content for Helsinki Partners and the Ministry of Justice, and collaborated with organizations such as Universal Music Finland Group. At Tyylkäs Production, Aarni has been working as a graphic designer since 2022, and Aarni creates visual elegance for every project.



Executive Director

Anders Rahijärvi is a 20-year-old guy from Helsinki. Anders founded Tyylkäs Production in 2021, since then Anders has been working full-time on Tyylkäs Production. Anders has worked in numerous projects which have been e.g. marketing campaigns, Finland-wide clothing collections, event production, etc. Anders has developed, together with Patrik, e.g. The Steiner Fest concept, which was implemented for the first time in 2023. At Tyylkäs Production, Anders works as the operations manager and is responsible for the smooth operation.




Patrik Salomaa is a 21-year-old event planner, producer, lighting designer and entrepreneur. Patrik has worked in the cultural sector for several years, organizing events, working as a lighting designer for bands and occasionally playing at gigs himself. In our team, Patrik mainly works as a salesperson/marketer and also participates in the design of the visual look of the clothes.

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