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Tyylkäs Production has recorded and filmed parties, concerts, sports events, festivals, etc. We have also created advertising and marketing material for many companies and organizations in many different formats. Graphic design and cutting and editing work are also part of our industry. We also produce the music for our video works ourselves.

Tyylkäs Production has also produced humorous music for marketing campaigns, a good example of which is the Steiner-Levy released on June 5, 2023, which was produced and finished in days. The album is humorous and the genres vary from radical to radical. The album was produced, mixed, mastered and published by Tyylkäs Production. The album also features guest artists, such as Kadun Kemia, who attracted attention in the inner circles of Helsinki, and who has garnered a lot of respect in the inner circles with her lyricism and charisma. Esa Tuominen, the principal of the Rudolf Steiner school in Helsinki, also makes a guest appearance on the album, who gives a wonderful introduction to the album in the song "INTRO".

The process of publishing music also often includes the production of a music video. Tyylkäs Production has therefore also produced several music videos, also for marketing from the STEINER record. The latest music video production can be viewed on YouTube under the name LEHTIKUUSENTIE 6. It is a video for a song that appears on the STEINER RECORD.

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